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This service is for the repair of the Electronic Igntion Switch Immobilizer (EIS) for select Mercedes Vehicles. This service repairs all possible issues with the module. The new unit will be plug-and-play, no programming required. For proper testing of unit a working key will need to be shipped along with unit. Turn-around time is typically 3-5 business days. If part is not instock add 1-2 weeks for delivery of new module.


Applicable Models:

  • Mercedes A Class 2005-2014
  • Mercedes B Class 2005-2014
  • Mercedes C Class 2001-2014
  • Mercedes CL Class 1997-2014
  • Mercedes E Class 1996-2013
  • Mercedes G Class 2000-2015
  • Mercedes GL Class 2006-2014
  • Mercedes M Class 2006-2013
  • Mercedes R Class 2006-2017
  • Mercedes S Class 1999-2013
  • Mercedes SL Class 2003-2014
  • Mercedes Sprinter 2006-2018

Mercedes EIS Replace

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